An All-Round Player
Dreamy Stretched Background
Close-Up Master
Second Member of the SIRUI Full-Frame Family
SIRUI 75mm T2.9 1.6x
Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens
An All-Round Player
The 1.6x squeeze factor gives the lens a horizontal angle of view from a 46mm regular lens,
making it great for general usage.
When shooting with this lens, objects in the distance seem to be zoomed in,
forming a unique compression with the subject.
Overall, it is a useful focal length for handling both close-up and long shots.
High Resolution Wide-Screen Images
When shooting 3:2, this lens offers a 2.4:1 aspect ratio,
whereas shooting 16:9 yields a significantly wider 2.8:1 aspect ratio.
You’ll have no problem getting super crisp wide-screen shots on this lens,
with the subject being exceptionally sharp yet the background soft and natural.
Cinematic Lens Flares
Point the lens at a light source to get a horizontal blue lens flare
that the anamorphic lens is famous for.
The subtle and natural blue streaks stand out for
adding a Sci-Fi ambience to your shots without being too obtrusive.
Creamy Oval Bokeh
Due to the 1.6x squeeze factor,
light spots in the distance are vertically stretched into pleasing oval bokeh,
providing a more dreamy and abstract background over regular lenses.
Soft and smooth as the cream,
out-of-focus background on this lens grants a flattering cinematic look to your shots.
Consistent Cine Lens Housing
75mm lens maintains the same solid build quality as its 50mm brother.
It features a fully metal body,
an 82mm filter thread and a 1/4'' screw hole. 
Focus and aperture rings are geared with unified position
as the 50mm FF for easy lens switching.
Four Native Mounts
Full-featured full frame mirrorless cameras have become increasingly popular these days.
This lens is available in four native mounts,
including RF, L, E and Z mounts,
compatible with most full frame mirrorless cameras on the market.
Pick up the lens and start shooting your own cinematic video!
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