Guangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, and is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, in the economically developed Pearl River Delta region of China. SIRUI has always strived to manufacture products that are innovative in design and concept and of the highest quality. Because of its superior production technology and established sales and support system, after 16 years of hard struggling and unwavering determination, SIRUI has become known as a company that is developing, manufacturing and selling the most professional quality photographic and video equipment in the industry. SIRUI operates its own standard and professional photographic equipments production base covering an area of over 30,000 square meters and has modernized production equipments and over 500 SIRUI-trained workers. SIRUI is a high and new technology enterprise, an intellectual property advantage enterprise, an enterprise that Guangdong photographic engineering and technology research center formed in as well as a Chinese leading manufacturer for mobile phone lens, intelligent heads, photography supporting equipments and other related photography products.

The scope of SIRUI's business mainly covers developing, producing and selling optical lenses and their key components, precise photographic equipments, new intelligent optoelectronic products and their key components, and optical instruments; developing, designing, producing and selling intelligent safety and dehumidifying cabinets, normal dehumidifying cabinets, intelligent heads; software development, cargo and technology import and export. SIRUI manufactures a full range of professional photo & video equipments, heads, intelligent safety and humidity control cabinets, normal humidity control cabinets, portable electric dolly, handheld stabilizer, sports cameras, lenses, filters and other precise photographic equipments and new intelligent optoelectronic products which leads SIRUI to an expert manufacturer on offering an one-stop service from developing, designing, producing to selling. SIRUI has expanded its business all over the world and mainly exported to German, Japan, America, Canada, Middle East, Europe Union, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

SIRUI's diverse, international engineering group, combined with our industry leading Research and Development Department, has made SIRUI an expert manufacturer in the field of the industry. Stringent Quality Control standards have been placed into every segment of manufacturing to build a high starting point, high standard and high demanding lean production mode which makes SIRUI a leading brand of photographic and video support equipment. The brand SIRUI has won good reputation and trust from clients of domestic and abroad. In 2016, SIRUI was certified as "Guangdong Famous Trademark". One of the significant patents "Panning Structure of the Monopod"(Patent No.: ZL201310266194.5) has won the "2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Award" from the Guangdong intellectual Property Protection Office, which is the only enterprise that got the Gold Award of the year in Zhongshan. The intellectual property protection is highly recognized by all levels of government offices. SIRUI was also certified as "Zhongshan Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" , "Guangdong Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" and "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" .

SIRUI has established an impressive customer service network throughout the world, and over 300 sales outlets and terminal showrooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. which has covered 31 provinces in China (including Hongkong and Macau) and over 60 countries and areas in the world. Meanwhile, SIRUI works together with the national strategic internet, T-mall, Jingdong to provide our customer with the most professional, effective and considerate service and support.

"Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority" is the unceasing principle held by SIRUI. This goal starts before the sale with SIRUI's user-friendly design and use of the latest technology, and extends after the sale with a six-year warranty and reliable customer support - everything needed to provide SIRUI customers with a perfect experience.

"SIRUI, Helping you Capture your Imagination" is our brand slogan. Looking forward to the future, SIRUI will integrate fund, market, technology, brand and other resource superiority to promote SIRUI into the road of transforming from manufacturing universal and new mechanical products to manufacturing new optical lens and new intelligent optoelectronics, and developing and application of photo & video software, and will gradually develop to be an important and influenced supplier of Camera and photographic equipment industry and also an integrated and professional large optical & photoelectronic product program supplier with advanced technology level in the world.

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