SIRUI E30 Bi-Color LED Panel
Why choose SIRUI E30B ?
Rival the Output of 56W LED Panel
Brighter than other 30W LED Panel
Why So Bright?
Small & Lightweight
Small & Lightweight
Small & Lightweight
The small size makes the E30B especially suitable for use in tight spaces or on the desktop.
The small size makes the E30B
Grip Included
Compared to similar products that can only be mounted on a light stand, the E30B, with a grip included, has the ability to achieve quick run-and-gun shooting.​
Grip Included
Battery Powered
Two NP-F970 batteries can be used to power the E30B other than the AC/DC adapter. With batteries inserted, you get rid of cables to shoot with more flexibility.
12 Lighting Effects
12 lighting effects allow anyone to simulate many lighting scenarios on a low budget.
12 Lighting Effects
Softer & Brighter
Common LED matrix usually produces harsh shadows, so an extra diffuser is required. Conversely, the E30B adopts an edge-lit design and an internally diffused panel to produce bright soft light with natural shadows.​
E30B features a variable color temperature from 2800K to 7000K to achieve tungsten to daylight. 96 for CRI and 98 for TLCI, the E30B is capable of reproducing accurate vivid colors.
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