Full Frame Macro Cine Primes+Full Frame Cine Zoom
Introducing the SIRUI Jupiter, the first macro full-frame cine prime lens set (24mm T2, 35mm T2, 50mm T2) and the 28-85mm T3.2 full-frame cine zoom, which represents great bang for the buck given their excellent optical performance and solid build quality.
First Macro Full-Frame Cine Prime Lens Set
Three prime lenses are all macro with a minimum focus distance of 0.79ft(0.24m) . When taking close-ups, you’ll find the details are well preserved and the transition between in and out focus areas is pretty smooth. Featuring high sharpness, minimal optical aberration and excellent flare suppression, this lens set is an ideal choice for various project scenarios.
Consistent in a Set
All 3 prime lenses are similar in size and weight with uniform 92mm filter thread and gear position, which facilitate lens swapping with minimal adjustment of accessories.
28-85mm T3.2 Full-Frame Cine Zoom
As a 3x ratio zoom lens, 28-85mm T3.2 covers a range of frequently used focal lengths. Images produced are sharp without overly sharp. Parfocal design ensures an unchanged focus while zooming.
44mm Image Circle
With a 44mm image circle, this lens can be used on full frame or large format cameras.
Solid as Ever
As with other lenses from SIRUI, 28-85mm T3.2 features a solid all-metal construction. Thoughtful designs such as a step-less aperture ring, a common 110mm filter thread, a lens support adapter, a zoom lever, and gaskets make filming on set more in control.
Cine-Style Lens Mount
SIRUI Jupiter Series is available in native PL/EF mount, compatible with professional cinema cameras on the market.
E-mount and RF-mount adapters are offered for use on a wider range of popular full-frame mirrorless cameras.
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